Words for your Business

Words are powerful. A misjudged Tweet can knock millions off a share price. Saying the RIGHT things in the RIGHT way is very important for your organisation. The wrong word or wrong intonation can lose customers and demotivate staff. Everything you say and write is important. Understanding your audience is important and knowing how best to say something is important. Yes WORDS are important. 

We have written powerful sales material for leading companies in print, online and for presentations. By understanding your business goals, your audience and key messages, we can write quickly and effectively. Our words have appeared in newspapers, magazines, adverts, on radio, on TV and at major trade events worldwide.

Let us write for your business.

Our WORD Services:

  • Copywriting for advertising

  • Copywriting for PR and Press Releases

  • Writing content for business websites

  • Creating text for brochures

  • Turning ideas into words for leaflets

  • Writing Powerpoint Presentation content

  • Creating slogans and marketing straplines

  • Writing speeches for senior staff

  • Creating content for staff communications

  • Reviewing your existing communication materials and making recommendations

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