Video provides a Return on Investment

Rather than a Cost, see Video as a Benefit to your business.

Very seldom do companies have the in-house abilities to produce professional video content. Professional Video Production requires technical skills, equipment and creativity. Producing video for Business needs an understanding of what your business is all about and your goals.

Achieving business goals and targets requires investment, effort and focus. Video can act as an enabler to help you achieve these goals but needs to be highly focused and targeted.

In the beginning Corporate Video was a bland ego trip for businesses.

Video today needs a defined purpose and audience. The content needs to motivate your audience to take action that will help you to achieve your goals. This could be convincing the public to buy your new product, explaining the correct use of your products to reduce customer service enquiries, or teaching staff to work safely and correctly. Each of these outcomes is based on a business goal.

Video is just part of the mix, make sure it fits in with your branding, packaging, advertising, print, website and social media..

Your Video needs to have the same style, consistent messages and similar content to other marketing collateral. Each element in the mix of print etc, needs to have the appropriate level of detail. You may have a brief video to generate interest in your product. The brochure may have detailed information needed to help the customer reach a purchase decision. Your social media may be creating a buzz about the brand. Each one has a different and defined level of information aimed at helping the customer choose you.

You are brought up watching TV and have an in-built acceptance of screen communications. If a Video looks professional, looks like TV, then this taps in to this subconscious acceptance.

Video is basically 'TV', and it should look like TV, because that's what your audience are used to seeing. There are rules, techniques and styles used in TV production that people are consciously unaware of, but notice when these rules are broken. You want to stick to the TV rules as much as possible. The content should be visible, not the techniques. Of course there are exceptions but it is best to be creative within the rules. The audience is not distracted by the medium and more open to the messages.

Video can produce a significant Return through Sales and Reduced Costs.

A well targeted Video, aimed at achieving business goals, is a measurable tool. Increased sales, decreased costs, improved health & safety or whatever, the Video is aligned with a goal and that goal is measurable. We have produced Health & Safety Videos for organisations suffering from high injury rates and absence. Despite significant H&S training, these incidents continued. Using Video we showed the impact of poor safety behaviours and the correct approach. These impactful Videos had a powerful effect and retention with staff. Incidents dropped and safety improved. The Videos were repeatable, consistent and a low cost way to communicate identical messages to thousands of staff around the world.

In the world of Sales, Video has significant leverage. An investment of thousands of pounds can have a return of many millions. One services client used video to reach new markets in China. Potential customers could not all come to the UK to see the service in action, so video was used to bring the service to them on screen. Multimillion pound contracts were signed and the initial investment in the Video was a tiny fraction of the ultimate return.

Yes Video production is a cost, but with targeting and key messages aimed at your audience, aligned to business goals, Video has the emotional and motivational power to transform your business.

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