A Good Idea

Fresh thinking is tough in the day-to-day of business. Clearing your head and seeing things from a different angle requires facilitation. We have worked with a range of companies from multinationals to start-ups, helping them to see a problem, opportunity or communication issue from a new angle.

With a strong background in business, an understanding of marketing, finance, strategy, production and HR, we can work closely with you to generate fresh ideas, views and new ways to tackle business issues.

Our input has helped organisations in the private and public sector to motivate staff, find a market niche, develop PR ideas, solve production issues, and rebrand.

15 Ideas for Your Business

  • Product Launch - we have helped to brand products and develop launch ideas for our clients.

  • Advertising - we have produced innovative advertising that has been used around the world.

  • Start-ups - we have helped small companies to launch their businesses online and at events.

  • Innovation - let us take your innovative products or services and explain them to the market, boosting sales.

  • Change - We have helped companies to communicate the benefits of change successfully.

  • Sales - We can help with new ideas and market opportunities. 

  • Creativity - Let us work with your staff to boost their creativity and release new ideas and energy.

  • Motivation - We can help you to motivate yourself and key staff with hypnotherapy, overcoming obstacles.

  • Branding - We have helped to develop and critique brand ideas and slogans.

  • Training - We can train staff in the use of video capture, photography and writing.

  • Presentation Training - Let us improve your Powerpoints, critique existing presentations and train staff.

  • Language - Translations into English may be 'correct' but are they acceptable to the market? Let us check.

  • Speeches - Call us if you need to write a great, memorable, engaging speech for your next event.

  • Localise - Let us take your 'world' literature, videos and images and make them relevant to your local staff.

  • Media Training - We can help you to appear more natural in front of the camera and on the radio.

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